What about… the others?

fionaThe serial of articles written in English is not over yet! If you are interested in reading in foreign language, go ahead! Today I am asking about the opinion of the others.
Once upon a time there was a beautiful princess who wanted to marry a brave and handsome prince. But she felt in love with an ugly and fat ogre and she was afraid what her parents and other princesses would tell her (yes, this is the case of Fiona and Shrek :-).
In another story there was a normal girl who adores one pair of jeans – quite old-fashioned one, but her favourites (they had shaped her butt in the way of J.Lo style). She didn´t wear them anyway, because the other girls would laugh at her… Is it familiar with you? Are you also scared to be extraordinary and different than the others?

Young girls are expected to fulfil many prejudices (I am just not sure who is making this prejudices – the adults or the youths?), such as to be polite, use make-up or at least look nice, be “in” and so and so on. Once I have tried to put on make-up (ok, mascara and lipstick is my best for everyday wearing), take care about my body (you know, all the products promising your cellulite will be gone and your skin will be like a velvet), dress more like a girl (well, the only difference was I didn´t wear trainers and jeans every day, just every second), I have studied to school every day and seem intelligently there and mainly, not speak tough and not make self-ironic statements. All these things, at least I think so, are supposed to be done by the perfect girl who everybody likes and who is perfectly normal and most of the girls want to be like her.

My experiment lasted for two weeks – I was not able to pretend I am somebody else. It has taught me I have to be happy for my own personality and not try to change it at all. I have decided not to be so stressed by the others and what they are thinking about me – I have begun to live my life according to my own policy. I am saying what I want and the only one I am asking about propriety is me. I don´t care about my classmates or colleagues opinion about my clothes or my dress or what I am saying – expect members of my family and my real friends. And you know what? I think some people actually like me more, because I am not stressed out if I look perfect or if I am in the eyes of the others “perfect”. It is just me and like this I feel much better than ever.

Does it seem difficult and impossible to you? I have a suggestion – take it as the New Year´s resolution. At least you should try to be more relaxed and less stressed about yourself. I honestly hope you will feel as good as I do and you will enjoy your new YOU.

Text: Kača M.

  1. Právě proto tady ty anglické články jsou – abyste se trošku procvičily na tématech, které jsou zajímavější než ty v učebnici :)

  2. Myslím, že je to úplná pravda :), podle mě jste originální teprve, když jste osobití .. plně souhlasím :) a další + je, že je to anglicky, aspoň se člověk procvičí :)

  3. Yeah, I am who I am and if you don´t like it, I don´t care XD I´ll be exactly who I am and if you got a problem with me, well, it´s YOUR problem, man ;)

  4. Jojo dobrý nápad sem dávat články v angličtině i když musím říct,že plno slovíčkum nerozumím :( , ale asi jsem článek pochopila i bez těch slovíček =D doufám! :D …..ale jak říkám-je to super ;)

  5. Well, first, I wanna tell you: So much good article! WoW! Thank you at all!… :) …. Before I read this article, from the New Year I think about the similar. If I understand you :) I can tell: I am what I am. Sometimes I wanna change me, but I never was that strong. But NOW I am. And my New Year resolution is: Change me :)

  6. That wasnť bad article. Actually, it was very nice article. And, yes, that’s true. But it’s for me strange this fact, when everybody here say, that’s true – I am glad I am original, why everybody looks like so similar. Everybody likes the same things and after, more of them say: I am so different. Everybody likes jeans, everybody likes the same jackets, everybody likes violet in autumn. No i don’t understand it.
    And I know I have to study a grammar. :)

  7. Turmel: don´t worry so much about the grammar – I am actually studying English as my main subject on university and the grammar is terrible. Do I mind? Of course not, I can speak and communicate, what is problem for some of my friends with perfect grammar :)

  8. mohl byt česky….. ale ja si ho přeložim do češtiny anglicky přece umim ne? Ted to přece umi každe nebo ne? 5ekla bych že kromě malejch dítkách všichni jinak moc pěknej blog a přidávej další články třeba něco o masopůstu když už je dneska…… Diky za tento skvělej blog……

  9. domgla: to by ses divila, kolik lidí si myslí, že anglicky umí a přitom ten jazyk jen przní! Stejně jako češtinu…

  10. That was a really good article…I¨ve read the comment about the grammar..that is totally right….I don’t care about the grammar. I as an exchange student if Florida right now, and I don’t speak perfectly…my grammar is really bad..but everyone understand me..so I don’t care…and what teachers say..”You have to know, where is “the” and where is “a”.” Alright, good for you, to know…but it’s not the most important thing…sometimes I don’t use it at all..cause I don’t think about it..but It¨s not a big problem. :)

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