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horosHonestly, I was very happy about the comments to my last article – What about the English. It has inspired me to write more in the world-wide spoken language, obviously the Czech teenage girls would like to practise their abilities. But where they could practise, if there are no interesting magazines, no serials or movies in TV in the original language? I decided to provide at least once per week some hopefully interesting article for those, who really wants to read in English.

The topics could be suggested by each of you. If there is anything, what interested you, write it to the comments and I will try to do some research and than write about it. As I told sooner, I am writing with mistakes, either grammar or stylistic. But on the other hand it is more important for you to understand the meaning of the sentence. So sorry again for the mistakes :-)horoscopesToday I would like to speak (or write, whatever) about the horoscopes. We all know them. We all (mostly) read them and about 90% of us don´t actually believe in them. So what is the reason for reading the small article in daily news-papers or on web-pages? The answer is pretty simple – we want to know what will happen in the future. From the same reason some women spend plenty of money for fortune-tellers, palm-reading or personal horoscopes. But why we are so obsessed by our future? Why we just don´t wait and see what will happens?

In my opinion the fear of the future is the reason for all this madness. We are simply afraid and we want to know how many kids we will have, when we will get married or if we will have successful job. Honestly, I don´t think so that there are answers for these questions in the stars, but inside each of us. Just think about it – the number of kids will be influenced by yourself or by the deal between you and your partner. The job depends just on you as well, on your abilities and skills. But you will not recognize this if you will be reading horoscopes.

I have one theory, but unfortunately it is not from my own head – if you will blindly believe in horoscopes and that will tell you: “Don´t leave your room today, you could break your leg,” you can hurt yourself just because you believe that it can happen. The awful true about horoscopes is that usually they are written by redactors like me or anyone here on web, most often five minutes before going to print. That is my reason, why I don´t believe them… But to be honest, every morning I read my horoscope on internet. Just for the fun :-)

I believe in the characteristic horoscopes, which will tell you about yourself. I have to admit, that I have read the characteristic of my lunar and my Chinese horoscope and both are similar, so there must be something on it. I think there is the possibility, that people who were born in some particular month could have similar nature or skills. But it doesn´t seem to me very probable, that the same people could break their leg in one day!

Each of you can have her own opinion about horoscopes, but either you like them or not, I am almost sure that you read them in your favourite magazine. As well as I do…

Text: Kača M.
Foto: SXC.hu

  1. Opět skvělý článek :) fakt seš šikovná, já tomu sice rozumim dyž to takhle čtu, ale sama bych to asi takhle jentak nenapsala :D a stěma horoskopama naprosto s tebou souhlasím:) nevěřím tomu, ale čtu si je skoro pořád, jen tak protože me to baví :D

  2. but, if the characteristic horoscopes are truly, it mean, that all people born in August (Lion) have the same character. XD I don´t believe in horoscopes. But it´s fun to read them XD

  3. super článek:-)perfektně jsem mu porozumněla a opět po prázdninách procvičila svoje anglické závity:-)díky!!! a prosím o další takovéto články:-)

  4. Holky, jen pro uklidnění – anglinu se učím od první třídy, na základku jsem od třetí chodila na jazykovku a při střední dělala FCE, navíc na vysoké mám jako hlavní předmět angličtinu. Nebojte se nebo se zbytečně nepodceňujte, jednoduchý článek byste zvládly taky!! Co víc, mě hrozně pomohl rok v Norsku,kde jsem mluvila jen anglicky a ted na Kypru skoro to samé, takže hlavu vzhůru a hurá na angličtinu! :D mimochodem, dlouho jsem tomuto jazyku nemohla přijít na jméno :D

  5. Dear Kača,
    I feel like an intruder here as I’m a guy, sorry… (Well I guess it’s sometimes a good idea for guys to find out what girls think about them, aye?) Anyway, my compliments about the article, you’ve done a good job. However, there are some mistakes (not many of course) and you know, lots of your readers will tend to copy them. I guess it would be a good idea to have the article proof-read each time it’s about to be published. If you were interested in me correcting some of the mistakes for you, just let me know, I’d be glad to help you. At the moment, I work as a seminar tutor of English at the faculty where I study and I’m pretty experienced in correcting my students’ English. Of course, no one’s perfect so if you find any mistake in my blah blahs here, just let me know…

  6. Dear Vojta,

    thank you very much for your offer, I think it would be great to cooperate with you, because I am more than aware about my definitively not perfect writing:) on the other hand in the article is somewhere a sentence telling, that I know about the possible mistakes and in the very first English article here I also told to not take my articles to the English lessons as an example :D well, my idea is to communicate and to be understood, during my studies in Norway and also here on Cyuprus I found out, that the grammar is necessary really just in shool (my grammar teacher non-officialy agreed). Anyway, if it won´t bother you I would be realy glad to let you check the articles :) my e-mail is k.masnerova@centrum.cz, so we can discuss the obtion via mail:) and I am sorry for the mistakes now, I have been on party yesterday and I think the alcohol is still running in my vains :P

  7. Im sorry… but I dont speek English xD This is one in early lowly sentence as I know… xD So… Kiss me my beautiful ass… x)=o* Bye…

  8. It’s nice to have an english article to read… altough I love it, surfing on the Internet I don’t have much opportunity to read because I don’t know English websites and I can’t decide which are interesting. Usually it ends with me bored and disgusted by reading something I didn’t particulary enjoy and my school work suffering ’cause I spend so much time on the Internet ;)
    I enjoyed this one despite the fact I don’t like reading about horoscopes and this stuff much. But still, I must say I’d enjoyed it even more if it was about clothing, make up or your experience with something (simillar to Denik slamene vdovy).
    What a shame this article is so old and there is no newer one :(

  9. Sumitake: thank you very much :) I know I have promised a serie of the English arricles, unfortunately right now I am a bit busy with school and Christmas..hopefully I will be able to write some during the holidays :) but thank you again for your opinion

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